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Other Important Contributors


There have been numerous contributors that have worked with the UC Rocketry Project. Many of the achievements could not have been accomplished without the help of these people, and the UC Rocketry Project would like to acknowledge their contributions, both large and small. 

Undergraduate Research Assistance


David Wright – Hardware, airframe and canards, Mach 2 and Mach 1.2 supersonic vehicle development (2010-2014)


Lachlan Matchett – Airframe, canards, aerodynamics, 6DOF modeling, Mach 2 and Mach 1.2 supersonic development (2010-2014)


George Buchanan – GPS capability, software upgrading, Mach 1.2 supersonic vehicle development (2013-2014)


Rodrigo Pellizzari – Kites for measuring wind speeds and water rocket parachute testing (2012-2014)


Samuel Frei – Water rocket parachute testing and rocketry trajectory planning for Mach 2 supersonic rocket (2011-2012)


John Evans –  Parachute development and testing, safety structure and general help for Mach 2 supersonic launch, (2010-2012)


Isaac Manuel – Software for Birdlings Flat radar system (2012-2013)


Angus Watson – Initial hardware development for GPS (2012-2013)


James Williams – Wind flow quality analysis of wind tunnel (2011-2012)


Peter Tan – Development of a gimbal frame for wind tunnel testing (2011-2012)


Olivia Davidson – Patent search, and wind analysis from kites (2011-2012)


Jason McVicar – Design and construction of vertical wind tunnel (2010-2011)


Brett Clark – Design and construction of vertical wind tunnel, parachute testing, final year project on proof-of-concept design of a rocket for seeding lightning  (2010-2012)


Olivia Winn – Rocket roll dynamics modeling and simulation – contributed to the writing of a journal article published in JAERO (2010-2011)


Kirstin Middelkoop – Design, manufacture and testing of dual deployment recovery system (2010-2011)


Lee Wilson – Initial ASTOS development for low earth orbital insertions (2010-2011)


Ben Phear – Initial electronics hardware design assistance (2011)


Tom Brennan – Initial electronics hardware design assistance (2011)

Academic Personnel


Prof XiaoQi Chen (Mech, co-supervisor of Malcolm and Avinash, and George, Phillip, Hoani, Adam)


Prof Graeme Wake (Mathematics, Massey Auckland, co-supervisor of Lachlan’s Masters),


Prof Jack Baggaley (radar and Birdlings flat, Physics, UC) 


Peyman Zawar-Reza (tailored wind forecasting with Blue Gene)



Industry Personnel


Elf (circuit board design, has provided significant support to UC rocketry since 2009)


Mark Rocket (sponsor for David’s 3rd pro project)


Richard Clarke (radar and radio communications, Tait Communications) 


Alan Greenstreet (GPS tracking, Trimble) 


Gary Chisholm (GPS tracking, Trimble)


Paul Wallis (flow straightener for wind tunnel, plastic manufacturing, Mulford Plastics)




Other External Personnel:


Ian Trethowen (beacon tracking 2013 onwards)


Nathn Trethowen (UAV photography and beacon tracking, 2013 onwards)


Brian High Productions Ltd (Provided video coverage of the 2012 Mach 2 Sarah Launch and great stills from the launch guide) 


Visiting Research Students


Maelle Coic – design and testing of customized wind sensor for vertical wind tunnel, 2011


Christeline Salmon – wind tunnel analysis and modeling, 2011


Florent Hache – wind tunnel analysis and modeling, 2011



UC Technician Support


Dave Read (machining Mech, 2009-2015)


David Healy (machining and wind tunnel construction Elec, 2010-2015)


Graeme Plank (Birdlings flat station, radar tracking, Physics, 2012-2015)


Matt Pannell (radar tracking Physics, 2012-2014)


Geoff Graham (radar tracking Physics, 2012-2015)


Robert Thirkettle (radio repeater, Physics 2012)


Scott Amies (machining Mech, 2009-2015)


Justin Harrison (atmospheric sensing, Geography, 2012-2015),


Rennie Bishop (Biology, boat for sea recovery, 2012)


Graeme Harris (wind tunnel advice and equipment, formerly Mech now Christchurch Polytechnic, 2009-2015)



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