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The UC Rocketry Project would like to thank all those who have sponsored the project and its achievements. Without the continued support of our sponsors, our goals could not have been reached.

Royal Society of NZ

Supporting Rutherford Discovery Fellowship (Dec 2011 – Dec 2016) 

Providing funding for four PhD’s and one Masters with Rocket Lab as the industry partner.

Primary Industry Collaborator


Astos Solutions

Orbital mechanics, rocket sizing and trajectory analysis, have generously given UC Rocketry the use of an academic license for more than 5 years

Scott Machinery

Suppling Machinery for our own UC Rocketry workshop and providing workshop access after hours

Shamrock Industries

Provides machining services, particularly CNC. Has manufactured a number of important jobs for UC Rocketry with very short turn-around times (within a day) in some cases.

Tait Communications

​Loan radios as required.

Trimble Navigation

Provide accurate GPS units and advice on integrating into Rockets. and Mark Rocket

Funded supersonic rocket motors

Providing some sponsorship for a UC rocketry education programme in Northland and a base of operations at Whangarei for UC Rocketry's launches at Mangakahia


Provides circuit board assembly services



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