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The UC Rocketry project has designed, created and successfully launched a series of rockets since 2009, ranging from low altitude subsonic rockets to supersonic rockets capable of reaching altitudes of up to 9km, both with controllable and non controllable variants.




The Lisa series of rockets were the first few rockets flown by Malcolm and Avinash for their PhDs. These rockets were subsonic rockets capable of roll control which reached altitudes of around 600m.




These rockets were the successors to the Lisa Series with similar specifications that achieved full attitude control including stabilising an unstable rocket configuration.




Sarah is the largest rocket flown by the rocketry project to date and also the fastest and the one that reached the highest altitude. Sarah was the first supersonic rocket made and was flown once in May 2012 and was unfortunately not recovered.




Melissa was the project's second supersonic launch vehicle, it was much smaller that Sarah and was designed as a low cost method of better understanding supersonic dynamics. This rocket was also fitted with a roll control system for one launch and used for an attempt at the New Zealand I class altitude record.




This rocket is the first rocket developed by the project that will be capable of both supersonic flight and full attitude control, it is of a similar size to the Lisa and Tasha rockets and was designed using knowledge gained from the Sarah and Melissa launches.




Milly was designed for the purpose of breaking the altitude record that was attempted

with Melissa and reached the highest altitude ever for an I class motor.

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